Bryan David Hall

Mary Anne

Martin Kove of The Karate Kid

Duane Henry of NCIS


Hen Party - St. Lucia

Conrad Hilton - Celebrity Barber & Fashion Icon

Oregon Summer




The Blue Dandy - Los Angeles, California

Once a Couple

Tan Bionica - Los Angeles, California

The Conversation - Havana, Cuba 2012

Gabriela leaving the US

Change Rooms - St. Lucia

Rory - North Coast, California


Hospitality - Scipio, Utah

The Way Out of Sacramento, California 

el Malecon - Havana, Cuba 2012

GMO food

GMO food

Squaring the circle eluded mankind for centuries, and now we take it for granted

Running Through the Night 2 - Havana, Cuba 2012

Running Through the Night 3 - Havana, Cuba 2012

Hotel Nacional de Cuba - Havana, Cuba 2012

Soviet-era concrete - Havana, Cuba 2012

Auto Union

Oregon Coast

Point Dumetz....

Pigeon Point Light

Homolovi, Arizona

Ruination - The Navajo Nation, USA

San Vicente Trailhead

Devil's Doorway - Havana, Cuba 2012

Engineer - Oregon Coast

Plate C

On the Road to Hemingway's  - Havana, Cuba 2012

...from the Tree of Life

el Prado - Havana, Cuba 2012

North Coast, California

North Coast, California

North Coast, California

Wigwam Motel - Arizona

Oregon childhood

Original Spa Water

Ghery's Waveforms


Ghery's Waveforms

Ghery's Waveforms

North Coast, California

Connection Point 


Mono Lake, California

Northwestern California

Wake - St. Lucia

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