Bryan David Hall

I am based in Los Angeles, California. How do you talk about yourself without talking about yourself? I am my least favorite subject, so I’ll use third person, which seems more pompous than first, but it’s convention in this sort of thing.

Bryan’s work has appeared in print in the New York Times, entertainment and special interest publications across the Americas, Europe, and on major US TV networks and in countless digital publications around the world.

Work includes coffee table books, award-winning, short form documentaries, and marketing films. In July of 2022 he began an ongoing series of interviews with Native American tribal elders on the ground-breaking and “controversial” work of photographer, Edward S. Curtis. (Starting about 1896 and working more than 20 years on it, Curtis made more than 40,000 images in his project documenting the indigenous tribes of the United States - ultimately dying penniless in Los Angeles, California.)

Bryan is a master framing and finish carpenter, happily a former building contractor, an avid mountain and road cyclist, back country trekker, and enjoys roughing it in Montana grizzly country or sundowners at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

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