I am a visual artist and an award-winning short filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. College studies took me into Marketing and History (I thought I was going into politics...).

My work has appeared in print in the New York Times Art Section, entertainment and special interest publications across North & South America, Europe, and on major US TV networks and in countless digital publications around the world.

My work includes coffee table books, award-winning, short/medium form documentaries, and I am a Master Carpenter, fine wood worker, an avid cyclist (both road & mountain bike), and outdoor adventurer.

I'm ever inspired by the history, traditions, and origins of the diverse cultures of the planet we call home.

Bryan David Hall

P.S. You learn early in Los Angeles that you can work for free all year long. I have lived that life.... Therefore, Photography, Filmmaking, Consultation & Fine Art for financial consideration ONLY. 

Thank you for your understanding

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